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This bouquet hosts a plethora of spices, with cloves at the forefront. Matured in French oak, this full-bodied wine has soft ripe tannins and a fruity, dry finish. With its complex flavours, it complements rich lamb dishes and 'slow' winter foods. Ready to drink or to keep for later.

ALC: 14.5% RS: 3.9g/l PH: 4.13 TA: 5.2g/l

The price displayed is inclusive of tax.


Responsible farming

We pride ourselves on taking care of mother earth and protecting the soils through sustainable agricultural practices. Contreberg is home to a private nature reserve, preserving the fragile fynbos landscapes. A highly endangered orchid was rediscovered on the property by Dr Anton Pauw in 2004. Pterygodium Cruciform is only found on Contreberg and at two other lowland locations. Referred to by some as the "Darling Ivory", this particular orchid is pollinated by a special Renosterveld oil-collecting bee since it secretes oil instead of nectar.


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